Today’s “Conservatives” should not form governments

Harper has quit. Hallelujah! So now will come a by-election and, because they knew Harper would quit before the rest of us, the Conservatives are first out of the gate. Bob Benzen has sent us a fluff piece telling us how wonderful he is without actually telling us anything about Bob Benzen. Maybe the details aren’t so wonderful.

Anyhow in his fluff piece he says: “At the core of Bob’s values is the belief in human freedom and personal responsibility. We should first work together to solve our problems, rather than looking to the government for a solution.”

Meh, at first glance, but it showcases the primary reason the self-styled “conservatives” of North America – the Conservative Part of Canada and the U.S. Republican Party – should never be allowed to form government.


Guess what, conservatives! Government IS the way people work together to solve their problems. From safety from less-than-friendly other peoples, through roads, bridges, and regulations for the common good, to laws and their enforcement. That’s why we have governments. To solve our common problems, and provide the organizational structure for us all to succeed.

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