Do Americans Want a Dictator?

Just asking the question will probably anger a lot of my American friends, but no personal insult is intended. The question is honest enough given the current electoral circumstances, the personalities running for President, the candidates’ and parties’ rhetoric and the fanatical nature of the supporters of both sides.

I do understand the difficulty of the November decision for reasonable people. On the one hand we have a woman with a background of corporatism (Mussolini’s name for fascism) disingenuousness and an interesting interpretation of truth and reality. Apparently a Clinton family trait.

Opposing Ms Clinton is a blowhard extraordinaire. A man who calls failure victory, bankruptcy financial success and misogyny a family value. The only thing Donald Trump has to offer Democrats and centrists is proof that America could do worse than a Ms Clinton administration.

With social media commentary on both sides bordering on the criminal and mainstream media blind to the faults of their current choice, one might think the United States is headed for an abrupt about face followed by a desperate and hurried march off the cliff of either the extreme right or their opposition.

As the Obama presidency should have clearly demonstrated, real change in the United States is at best difficult, involves negotiations that would exhaust a used car salesman and results in thousands of pages of conflicting rules and regulations pleasing only to lawyers. So it is unlikely either candidate will be able to do all that much. After all, some of the best minds of their time wrote the U.S. Constitution with the intent of avoiding one-person rule.

What astounds me is the huge numbers of potential voters on both sides who seem to endorse the idea of doing whatever their candidate wants. In other words, electing a dictator.

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