… to the ramblings and rants of a reasonably engaged citizen. These are the thoughts borne out of a thus far varied life as:

  • a live-in boyfirend;
  • an ex-boyfriend;
  • a husband;
  • a father;
  • an ex-husband; and
  • a husband again

All the while trying to make a living as:

  • a gas jockey (Yeah, remember when you didn’t have to do it yourself and your oil was checked?);
  • a computer operator back when they needed tending and lived in cool cooled rooms with raised floors and limited access;
  • a programmer extraordinaire when we had to know exactly where each record physically sat on a disk and do our own overlays in machines with low memory;
  • a builder of bizarre electronic things like the guts of pong tables, fancy floor cleaners, oil pumps, diesel controls and nuclear reactor emergency flooding controllers (lots of fun!);
  • an IT manager with better than average management skills particularly in light of otherwise lacking people skills;
  • a co-op developer and business consultant; and
  • a safety trainer.

Sometimes these experiences are relevant, other times not so much.