Not that I am an “expert”, but…  As I approach my diamond anniversary in the industry, IMHO AI is neither “A” nor “I”.  The immensity of the algorithms used by the current peddlers of “AI” completely discount the “A”, and the results, while entertaining, thus far, disavow the “I”. 

“Intelligence” is creating a wheel when noticing how things move easier rolling on logs.  AND noting they do move easier on logs.  Intelligence is saving a favourite rock to smash clams (otters). Intelligence is dropping shells onto rocks from the air (crows & eagles) to break them open.  

More importantly, true intelligence is knowing what you are and being able to get around your physical limitations.  Copying actions with intent is the beginning, but copying words and phrases based on a pre-programmed analysis of popularity is not.

“AI”, like “the cloud” is a band-wagon buzzword appealing to our innate yearning for magic answers. 

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