It’s not about character

Contrary to the inspiring speech delivered by Michael Douglas as President Shepherd, the most important considerations for voters in a U.S. Presidential election are not around the “character” of the candidates. They are: “Who pulls the strings?” and “What can a President actually do?” Looking at the last two administrations might be enlightening. Eight years […]

Do Americans Want a Dictator?

Just asking the question will probably anger a lot of my American friends, but no personal insult is intended. The question is honest enough given the current electoral circumstances, the personalities running for President, the candidates’ and parties’ rhetoric and the fanatical nature of the supporters of both sides. I do understand the difficulty of […]

Today’s “Conservatives” should not form governments

Harper has quit. Hallelujah! So now will come a by-election and, because they knew Harper would quit before the rest of us, the Conservatives are first out of the gate. Bob Benzen has sent us a fluff piece telling us how wonderful he is without actually telling us anything about Bob Benzen. Maybe the details […]


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